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le 23/05/2013 à 07:49

Kaitlyn Collins is a former Green Bay Packers cheerleader. She's also a real live human being with thoughts and feelings and emotions, something that - Cheap NFL Jerseys From China didn't occur to commenters on the Chicago Bears Fan Facebook page.The Bears fan page is a popular place, with 86,000-plus likes. You know the Bears-Packers rivalry runs deep, and thus, the comments got vicious in a hurry. In response, Collins made the following video, calling out not just the page but several commenters by name:That video, a silent spool of - Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping signs, - Cheap Jerseys Supply is well worth watching. "Cyberbullying" may seem like a media concoction or an overreaction, but to the people who have suffered the words of others, it's real and it's painful to the point of real damage.

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