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Mike Miller Jersey


le 01/06/2013 à 03:31

Many people dream of playing in the NBA, and in theory, anyone could play the game, but in reality a tiny percentage of people are given the chance to play. The NBA is a business and the owners of the teams want to make money, to make money you have to win games, to win games you have to put the most talented players - Taj Gibson Jersey on the - Richard Hamilton Jersey court. There is a whole list of things that have to go right, some you can control some you cannot, to become an NBA player. Unless you are amazingly talented and get drafted out of high school the - Scottie Pippen Bulls Jersey first job is to earn exceptional grades so that you can be accepted to one of the high profile colleges. Once accepted to a high level college then you have to make the team. In order to make the team you cannot rely on natural ability alone, you will have to train yourself everyday.

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